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Close up Magic

» Magic done table to table/ group to group

For parties/ meetings like company  parties,   sales meetings, trade shows, hospitality suites, weddings and many other events.

Harold (the yellow aligator) helps me entertain the crowd.
These two photos are from 2010 Beyond Belief show


 Stand up/ Stage Show

» Magic/ Comedy/ Mind reading

For groups of up to several hundred people, custom tailored to your audiance and event.

Casa Bonita 2009
Great crowd enjoying another Gene Gordon show!


Here is a partial list of clients and orginizations I've performed for.

+Co Bank (Christmas Party)

+Microsoft (convention party)

+Wilson Art Flooring (Trade show)

+Denverpost (Employee summer party)

+Champps Americana Restaurant (table to table magic)

+Jeffco Schools (PTSO event)

+Englewood Schools (PTSO event)

+Barns and Nobel (Harry Potter book release)

+Theater of Dreams Castlerock, CO (Charity show) 

+Casa Bonita Restaurant (House magician 15yrs)

+Mt Fuji Restaurant (Magic on Mondays since 2009)



 Family/ Childrens show 

 » Magic/ comedy & fun!

Family and birthday party shows for kids 6 YEARS OLD and older.

Interactive and filled with fun audiance participation for the whole group. Tailored to your family event.

Kids show/class 2009
Hanging on my every word. I am having fun doing two things I love, performing magic and teaching it.








"Amazing the WORLD one show at a time!"